Take the Pajama Pledge!

It is important to teach our children how meaningful it is to be an active member of their community.  The “Take the Pajama Pledge” campaign was designed to encourage children and adults to step out into their communities and step-up their involvement. By encouraging  children to become caring, concerned citizens, you show them that helping others not only benefits those receiving help, but gives each person involved a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Reach out and touch lives by taking the Pajama Pledge 

Pledge to collect new pajamas for children in need in your community. Invite your friends, neighbors, sports teams, Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, and family members to take the Pajama Jams Pajama Pledge with you.  It’s easy and fun.

•  Click here to take the pledge online.
•  Groups that wish to take multiple pledges, click here to download and print the official pledge sheet.